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POSITION:HOME PRODUCTS Outdoor Led flood light


1.Bridgelux or Epistar chip integrated COB LED, high brightness and long lifespan

2.Multiple color for customers to choose: red, green, blue, yellow, and white

3.Aluminum alloy die-cast baking varnish heatsink, clear tempered glass, ensures good heat dissipation, life span is at least 50,000 hours

4. Outdoor used, IP65 qualified

5. Energy saving, compared with traditional sodium lights, it can save electricity more than 80%
6. No ill glare; no abrupt and frequent flashes
7. No delay start,no waiting. It can reach its normal light as soon as it is turned on, not require long time start process of traditional lights
8. Environment friendly. Not contains lead, hydrargyrum, and any other contamination, no pollution, No radiation, recyclable.


Model NO. Size(MM) Material Input Voltage Power LED Driver LED Qty LED Chip Lumen
LGTO-LF-10W 159*132*53 Aluminum+Glass AC 85-265V 10W CE Approved 12pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-20W 203*176*64 Aluminum+Glass AC 85-265V 20W CE Approved 20pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-30W 219*191*64 Aluminum+Glass AC 85-265V 30W CE Approved 30pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-50W 282*220*113 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 50W MEANWELL 50pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-70W 282*220*117 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 70W MEANWELL 70pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-80W 282*220*117 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 80W MEANWELL 80pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-100W 310*268*182 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 100W MEANWELL 100pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-120W 310*268*182 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 120W MEANWELL 120pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-150W 365*298*187 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 150W MEANWELL 150pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-180W 365*298*187 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 180W MEANWELL 180pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-200W 465*344*197 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 200W MEANWELL 200pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-250W 465*344*197 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 250W MEANWELL 250pcs 3030 PHILIPS 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-400W 436*416*458 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 400W MEANWELL 150pcs XTE CREE 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-500W 430*410*334 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 500W MEANWELL 220pcs XTE CREE 110-120lm/w
LGTO-LF-1000W 514*436*601 Aluminum+Glass AC 90-305V 1000W MEANWELL 440pcs XTE CREE 110-120lm/w


Factories, gymnasiums, yards, advertising boards,buildings, lawns, garden designs and so on for outdoor