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POSITION:HOME PRODUCTS Indoor Led tube light


1. Applying high thermal conductivity aluminum frame + PC cover, with feature of compressive strength, not easy broken , durable and so on.

2. With strong adaptability to climate, not sensitive to humility, wider arrange for temperature. Being waterproof, dust proof, antiseptic, explosion proof, and vibration prevention, the light can be used for long time in hard situation such as high temperature, humid place and kind of corrosive occasions after special technology on surface with painting and sealing treatment.

3. Using LED Solid source, without heavy metal and harmful gas, which is environmentally-friendly and meet CE、ROHS requirement.

4. Adopting advanced lighting optical design of PC cover, to ensure soft and comfortable performance, and no flickering, no dark area and no double image, avoiding tiredness during working.

5. Big radiator shell, maximum power could reach to 200w, provides high brightness lighting

6. Sling bracket, external power supply, easy to be installed and maintained


Model NO. SIZE(L*W*H) Space between the clips(mm) Input Voltage Material Color temperature leds/qty Power  (W) Lm/w Lumen Qty/CTN Carton size(mm) G.W(kg)
LGTO-TL600-10*1W 662*86*90mm 360 90-265V AC PC+PC+AL 2700-6500K 2835
10 100 1000 6 690*267*185 7
LGTO-TL1200-20*1W 1272*86*90mm 860 90-265V AC PC+PC+AL 2700-6500K 2835
20 100 2000 6 1315*270*185 10.2
LGTO-TL1500-25*1W 1566*86*90mm 960 90-265V AC PC+PC+AL 2700-6500K 2835
25 100 2500 6 1620*267*185 12.9
LGTO-TL600-10*2W 662*118*90mm 360 90-265V AC PC+PC+AL 2700-6500K 2835
20 100 2000 6 690*260*265 10.5
LGTO-TL1200-20*2W 1272*118*90mm 860 90-265VAC PC+PC+AL 2700-6500K 2835
40 100 4000 6 1300*260*265 15.8
LGTO-TL1500-25*2W 1566*118*90mm 960 90-265VAC PC+PC+AL 2700-6500K 2835
50 100 5000 6 1620*260*265 20.6


Factory, tunnel, underground mine field, school, hospital, parking lot, warehouse, square, supermarket, courtyard and so on.

workshop, warehouse, tunnel, stadiums, and heavy industry and so on.